It is known that we live on a planet with great inequalities and in which the immense majority of human beings are forced to survive in poverty, next to the demand that influences the consumer society.
Capitalism is an economic model that permanently needs to be in growth and when it does not grow, it enters into crisis.
This system is nourished by consumption, if it fails to grow and to maintain high investment in goods or products by citizens, advanced capitalism resorts to consumerism.
Capitalism constantly creates new insufficiencies or demands that by definition, not all can satisfy. Considering that happiness consisted in possessing what is desired, this establishment of new deficiencies, must necessarily cause unhappiness when they are not pleased.
There will be those who affirm that this economic model, even if it produces new needs, also covers others. The problem arises when, regardless of its effectiveness, even if it covers expectations, capitalism is much more vigorous. If people lacked a will, they could not be happy in a capitalist society because they could never pay for everything that is offered to them in an attractive way.
He who manages to be happy is precisely the subject who does not let seduce by consumerist advertising. But for capitalism it is bad for a person to be happy because when he is happy he buys less.
In capitalism happiness is harmful, it is perverse because if the individual is happy, avoid buying products.
Consumerism is not just an initiation to increase purchases, it is also a whole philosophy of life, we often need to surround ourselves with useless objects that will serve to fill gaps and achieve happiness.
Does living in consumerism really make us happy will be part of our happiness?


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The way to be happy, is to be happy with what you have. This is provided of course, that you are not sick, you have food and water, and shelter. These are basic necessities, everything else is extra. Thing about Capitalism and mentality of consumerism is that no matter how much you have, your mindset is such that you always want more, and doing so, you can never be happy with what you have.
Also, Capitalism breads sociopaths, who then fuck up society more and more, create wars, bad form of social engineering and corruption, which then negatively affects lives of billions of people, directly and indirectly, it affects health of society, and affects nature itself which also eventually affects us as we are part of it and depend on it, weather we like it or not.
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@-ED- well it is like that, and that is to achieve happiness is a satisfaction of primordial need, but there are strategic plans that could be made to overcome a little without being slaves of others, starting by sowing socialist ethics, rescuing values ​​as human solidarity , develop revolutionary consciousness with new collective morality, civic awareness, development of volunteering, overcome the ethics of capital promoting creative and productive work, help overcome poverty and provide comprehensive care to the population in situations of extreme need and maximum social exclusion: providing comprehensive care to girls, boys, and adolescents, integrally care for older adults, promote good family development and other strategies that we could use that ultimately makes us feel more useful and better people.
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