Welcome back to The Hunt for BCH Treasure!

This week, from Monday to Friday, I’ll be giving away a daily prize of ~$5 worth of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the smartest, and quickest, participant who can crack my puzzle. It’s first come, first serve, so you’ll have to be fast in order to unlock and claim the treasure!

Do you have what it takes to crack the code?

Congratulations, Zhell, for successfully unlocking Day 1's treasure.
Day 2's treasure is still unclaimed! Can you crack it?
Congratulations to the participant who successfully unlocked Day 3's treasure.


Here’s how to works:
  • A BCH public key will be provided with ~$5 worth of "buried" BCH.

  • I’ll provide a treasure chest with a QR code and a string of text, called a BIP38 private key, that is password protected with the answer to my puzzle, shown below. The answer will be in all lower-case letters and/or numbers.

  • Once you think you’ve uncovered the answer to the puzzle, use it to decrypt the BIP38 private key and reveal the underlying BCH private key corresponding to the BCH public key shown. There’s multiple ways to do this. Here are two ways:
  1. If you have the mobile Bitcoin.com wallet:

a) On the home screen, click “Scan”, and scan the BIP38 QR code.
b) Click “Sweep paper wallet”. Enter your answer to the puzzle as the “password”.
2. If you have another mobile wallet, such as the HandCash wallet, or a BCH wallet where you need to access the BCH private key QR code or text:
a) Visit "BitAddress.org" and click the “Wallet Details” tab.
b) Copy and paste the BIP38 private key into the “Enter Private Key” field. Click “View Details”.
c) Enter your answer to the puzzle in the “Enter BIP38 Passphrase” field. Click “Decrypt BIP38”.
d) If successful, the private key will be revealed under “Private Key WIF”. You can scan the displayed QR code or copy and paste the BCH private key into your personal BCH wallet.
  • Once the BCH private key has been unlocked, you can import and sweep the funds to your own personal BCH wallet!


Day 4:

Today’s buried treasure of 0.01084483 BCH is located on BCH public key address: bitcoincash:qz5fnfg7s7lysrmn52ndku78x44cpaj5vg5malnkg5

BIP38 private key: 6PYMLihScCVcPUeU5b4ZvMCT2drG7QfxWuWCvtT8faeVzUscVMAN23z4wq

Today's puzzle:

Good luck!

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The prize has been claimed! Congratulations to the participant who unlocked the puzzle.
The image is an autostereogram, or "Magic Eye", that, when viewed a certain way, reveals the sentence: "All that glisters is not ____."
The sentence refers to an original line from William Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice".
The missing word from the sentence is "gold", which is the answer to the BIP38 key.
Modern renditions of the play use the line "All that glitters is not gold", which is more commonly known.
Hope you enjoyed today's challenge! Visit again tomorrow, Day 4, for another chance to win!

   2yr ago