Any student learning to write an essay should know the significance of having an impressive introduction. A writer should invest a lot of effort to craft a strong opening. A presentation is the opening of the paper that readers read first. The perfect introduction must grab the attention of your audience and give them an overview of your essay. It is therefore essential to incorporate your writing style and come up with an opening best fitting for your assignment. The following are some techniques you can use to draft an introduction with your paper.
Start with a captivating sentence that draws in your audience. You can begin setting a scene for your paper. The stage you develop enables you to present the purpose of your writing. Give insight to your readers on what to expect in your essay. While setting the scene, the writer has the upper hand to determine the directions of the arguments.
Proceed to break down the essay into highlights. You can also present the goal and significance of your paper. Briefly point out to your readers why they should continue reading your article. Readers are interested in reading a piece that is likely to benefit them in some way.
Use a question. Posing a question is a highly effective technique you can use to engage your audience. Asking a question in the introduction gives your readers room to set a hypothetical scenario in their minds. Thus the audience has a chance to relate to the concept with the experience and come up with judgments.
Begin with a quote. To give your introduction a memorable tone, you can write an interesting quote at the beginning of the paper. A quote makes your writing unpredictable. This way you can pique the curiosity of the readers and possibly make them want to know more. A citation is an effective tactic to present interesting insights into the essay.
Include a fun fact or statistics relevant to the essay. Whenever you want to grab the attention of the audience from the outset, present some knowledge of the topic in a fun way. The examiner is likely to remember details that stand out from the necessary information they know. It is also an excellent way to bring out the readers’ emotions and make your introduction memorable.
Give a short story. Briefly introduce some characters of your writing in a short story. Readers find stories entertaining, and they will be drawn into your essay. A highlight of the paper in the introduction will also whet their appetite to want to read more of it.
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