Propaganda and false advertising coming from Bitcoin Core & Blockstream and their advocates, just keeps coming... every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so we have to fight back and continue to educate new people about this so they don't become brainwashed and mislead.
I just read this ( article claiming that "Bitcoin has introduced the Lightning network"
Every time I read something like this I have to grin... there is so much wrong narrative out there about Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Lightning network, that its making me sick and I just can't stand by and allow it to go unnoticed, so I feel the need to correct this claim and set record straight.
"Bitcoin" did not introduce Lightning network, Bitcoin Core people working for Blockstream are the ones that introduced Lightning network, which is not scaling of Bitcoin but a separate system completely. Bitcoin system has nothing to do with Lightning system, using BTC in Lightning channels is equivalent to using Fiat in Bitcoin system... meaning... there is no such thing. Bitcoin is not a coin, it is a system, and specific type of system with specific rules and working principles. When you "Buy" Bitcoin BTC (or any other crypto) you are not buying a coin, you are converting one type of monetary unit (currency) into another, you are converting funds from Fiat system into Bitcoin system (or other crypto system), same way, using the Lightning network is you converting funds from BTC into Lightning. It is false advertising when someone claims that Lightning is scaling of Bitcoin, or scaling solution for Bitcoin, there is no such thing as Bitcoin Lightning, there is Bitcoin system and there is Lightning system... they are two VERY DIFFERENT systems.
Please watch this to see what is really going on when you use the Lightning network:
...and this, very simple explanation (but very accurate) as to how Lightning channels actually work:
PS: The so called scaling "problem" is also not anything that is an issue with Bitcoin system itself, it is actually artificially created "feature" of Bitcoin BTC blockchain, but not something that Bitcoin system has inherently. Bitcoin system in Bitcoin Cash BCH, has no such issue at all.
This means and proves that it is Bitcoin Core developer team/people, specifically those working for Blockstream corporation (which is funded by bankers) that are the ones that created this artificial problem, and they did so in order to create a problem, for which they will want to supply their own "solution" which is their Lightning network.
Bitcoin BTC is still "advertised" as Decentralised money, but in reality it no longer can work as such, and this is, once again, not a problem with Bitcoin system itself, but sabotage of the Bitcoin system in BTC by the Blockstream employees in Bitcoin Core.
Is it of any surprise that people who are funded by bankers, have deliberately created a problem that never existed, and then try to sell the idea that Lighting system is solution to Bitcoin scaling... that is what I call... SABOTAGE.
Bitcoin BTC is now nothing more than falsely advertised, anyone that actually starts using it as money, will see first hand that BTC cannot be used as money any more, and the Lightning network cannot provide any of the unique and best features of Bitcoin system (decentralisation, peer-to-peer nature of transactions, and censorship resistance, but also... simplicity and reliability, all of which Lightning network lacks)
Bitcoin Cash BCH is the real Bitcoin
If you want to use the Bitcoin system, you know, that Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, you should use Bitcoin Cash BCH.


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Great post mate!
I think many people fail to see how Lightning is a completely different network.
Lightning is not Bitcoin!!
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I finally earned enough from my votes on other content to leave this helpful comment about some harder-to-use links on this post of yours: "Please watch this to see what is really going on when you use the Lightning network:"
The URLs are the "edit" URLs. The easier-to-use URLs, respectively, are: 1. 2.
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