There are several content management platforms that content creators can make use of and now there is a new one called So, what is special about it that differentiates it from others and how content creators can benefit by using this platform? Let us look at the answers to these questions in the following sections.
What is
It is a content management platform that thoughtfully incentivizes payments content creators get as well as provides people a valid reason to make payment for content that is available on the web.
The App made available by works using a Bitcoin Cash wallet that is integrated into the system and it is now possible to make small Bitcoin Cash payments having low fees structure.
It is worth mentioning here that it is not necessary for content creators to have Bitcoin Cash to use the Yours platform. Bitcoin Cash is only to be used in case a user wants to support any content creator's content by making a payment.
The Goal that Yours is Trying to Achieve
The primary goal is trying to achieve is of developing an app that will be utilized by a mainstream audience where users will be able to directly make payments to content creators using Bitcoin Cash.
A Fully Decentralized P2P Network
Yours aims to develop as a peer to peer network that is fully decentralized and enables users to fund as well as incentivize any type of content provider without any kind of technical or financial limitations.
Micro Payments Web Wallet
Yours is also the first micro-payments wallet based on Bitcoin Cash which is structurally quite like the Lightning network and is to be used on the content sharing platform. Users can even store Bitcoin Cash on on the Deposit (Cash In) page.
This micro-payments system would provide better scalability and flexibility while at the same time allow platforms as well as applications to depend on security measures offered by Bitcoin network.
Here, users will get the flexibility of using the web wallet for incentivizing content providers based on utilization of Bitcoin Cash as its cryptocurrency.
How Yours is better than other micro-payment platforms?
Before Yours came into existence, there were other applications which provided feature of micro-payments (such as SteemIt) but the main problem these platforms faced was of inefficiency with respect to speed of transactions and scalability.
On the other hand, Yours is a smart contract network which has been successful in solving this problem. Now, users can make micro-payments in very small amounts and in addition to it, they also do not have to pay any fees for the same, (Or the fees are close to 0%).
How content can be monetized on Yours using Bitcoin Cash?
Yours is using the purchase model where users are able to purchase content on the website and tip great authors. Here a user is allowed to have a preview of a large portion of the content prior to making payment for the same.
As for instance, a content creator providing a suspense novel may well allow users to read the entire novel without having to pay anything, except the last chapter. The writer would then charge a certain amount as fees for users to read the last chapter and find out how the story unfolds. If the novel is really interesting then users will certainly pay to find out what happens at the end of the story.
Moreover, as a content management platform allows content creators the flexibility to decide how much they want to charge for their content and what percentage of content they want to provide for free to their users.
From above details it certainly sounds an interesting approach to content management and a serious effort to bring Bitcoin Cash into mainstream. Additionally, there is enough scope for content creators to incentivize their content and start earning cryptocurrency. I believe will prove to be one killer app for Bitcoin Cash.
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