At the end of every month I will be writing an update on the Bitcoin Cash Fund to keep everyone up-to-date on what has been going on.
If you don't know what the BCF (Bitcoin Cash Fund) is, go check out our website at or come and talk to us in our community chat at

General BCF Update

We have been making a lot of progress in February and putting a lot of structure in place so we have a solid basis for the rest of 2018. Our new website launches today. Go check it out at
The site now contains an easier way to submit project proposals to us, and let us know you want to volunteer to help on projects. It contains lots more information now, and hopefully answers more questions that you might have.
This month we moved our community home over to Discord and you can join HERE. We have tipping, raffles and a truly positive and open community there. We a truly proud of the community we are building there. Come and chat with us there any time you like.
Each monthly update will now contain an update from each of our team members.

Bitcoin Cash Ambassadors Update

There is now a total of 46 Bitcoin Cash meetups around the world.
The BCF is sponsoring all of these monthly meetups and providing support to the organizers. It is incredible to see how rapidly they are popping up all over the globe!
The BCF launched an Ambassador program. Ambassadors are committed to helping Bitcoin Cash reach one billion users in five years. They host monthly meetups in their communities, help plan and execute BCF initiatives as well as spread the Bitcoin Cash vision on social media. Ambassadors are automatically entered into a monthly raffle, receive Bitcoin Cash merchandise and have access to private channels within the BCF Discord.
Everyday people from different parts of the world contact us asking how they can be part of this incredible movement.
If you would like to become an Ambassador or host Bitcoin Cash meetups, join our official Discord. Follow our official twitter account dedicated to coordinating the Ambassador program worldwide @BCFmeetups!

Merchant/Business On-boarding Update

We continue to see an influx of new merchants added daily. Tools like Rocketr.Net, and the new Coinbase merchants app has made it much easier for new ecommerce merchants to start accepting Bitcoin Cash. Through use of simple wallet apps, we are seeing new Brick and Mortar stores integrating Bitcoin Cash quite rapidly as well. We continue to form strategic alliances within the business to business space as well as the business to consumer space to ensure that our leads continue to be apprised of developments within the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
It is worth pointing out, while also calling out to the talented developers in the space, that a lack of BCH -> Fiat conversion tool continues to be a drawback for some smaller and larger merchants alike. Hedging against volatility and protecting their margins with fiat conversions is important for many merchants. For some, it is an integral part of their business model; thus awaiting a conversion tool due to the necessity of it for their business. We anticipate that the launch of a BCH to Fiat conversion platform will see an influx of new businesses of varying sizes onboard to Bitcoin Cash immediately thereafter.
In an attempt to assist the Brick and Mortar stores, we have and continue to update an exchange map that will allow them to easily find a local exchange with which they can convert their BCH to their local currency.

Online Community Update

Over the last month, we launched our new online community home over on Discord. In terms of our journey, we started off on Slack, migrated to, and finally settled on Discord (our community has been very patient with us - thank you all). We had originally looked at Discord before, but we were moving so fast we needed to make a decision.
A few major lessons we learned was that it’s incredibly important to factor in: user experience, mobile capabilities, and simple onboarding. With Discord, we took a lot more time setting everything up, taking in what worked/what didn’t over on Slack and, and ensured we had everything we needed to scale better in the future. It helps that Discord is focused on building communities, unlike Slack which is more focused on enterprise teams.
Every community that forms always develops its own unique culture and behaviours. With our particular community, which encompasses Bitcoin Cash (BCH) doers, we needed to ensure that the tools didn’t get in the way of the doing.
For now, Discord is blowing everybody’s minds away with how fast and smooth it is, and we’re constantly implementing things like bots, BCH raffles, member level upgrades, etc. The goal with all this is to better help the BCH community of doers connect, form, and galvanise BCH globally.
So if you think of Discord as the BCF homebase for community interaction, Twitter, Facebook, etc. would be our outposts where we help share BCH/BCF news, community wins, and invitations to join us.
We’ll continue to keep you updated.

Marketing Update

#BCHforEveryone Campaign
February was the month that the #BCHforEveryone initiative was conceived. It spread like wildfire from the get-go, and I believe for one reason in particular.
I think we’ve all grown tired over the last six months of the family feud that is BTC vs. BCH. The Bitcoin Cash Fund aims to change the rhetoric around the bitcoin ecosystem, hence the #BCHforEveryone initiative.
Regardless of the name of the project, we can all utilize cryptocurrencies as a way to achieve something extraordinary. We’re not talking about money or technology here; we’re talking about people.
Bitcoin Cash and it’s community strive to better the lives of people all around the world, especially those that need it the most.
This month’s #BCHforEveryone feature comes from our newest Bitcoin Cash all-star, EatBCH. Located in the heart of Venezuela, a young man has turned an economic disaster into an opportunity to help his people. He has embodied what Bitcoin Cash was created for, and is now helping feed over 200 hungry Venezuelans with Bitcoin Cash donations.

Financial Transparency

We fully understand that as an organisation we need to be fully transparent about what we are doing, especially in the area of finances. We intend to have something more graphically presentable on our website once the second phase of development is complete, but for now you can see a list of all transactions we have made from the BCF donation address. You can also see this in this SPREADSHEET.
Our spending so far is:
  • November - $3,639
  • December - $8,299
  • January - $38,559
  • February 2018 - $30,332


A 5 part educational mini series explaining Bitcoin Cash, including:
  • What is a blockchain
  • What is a blocksize limit
  • What is a hardfork
  • How BCH was created
  • Why Bitcoin Cash was created

What's more exciting than a little treasure hunt? The Bitcoin Cash treasure hunt initiative is underway as we speak. Members of the community are now hiding Bitcoin Cash paper wallets around the world. As of writing this, we have been slowly pushing it out to ensure all kinks are worked out. There are currently over 100 wallets hidden in 10 countries across 4 continents. A number of wallets have already been claimed, these are also shown on the map.
The wallet has instructions designed to give beginners some background information about Bitcoin Cash, and a link to, which has instructions on how they can claim their funds. The site aims to serve a multitude of purposes:
Firstly, it hosts a map, where community members can hide wallets and provide geo-mapped clues as to where they are. Also shows where wallets were claimed.
Secondly, a resource for beginners to learn some basics of Bitcoin Cash.
Lastly, it provides links to resources in the community to expand their knowledge about the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
We are thankful for those in the community who have hidden wallets around the world. We are expecting 100 new wallets to be hidden in Australia over the beginning of March along with some news coverage.
We encourage members of the community to create a couple of wallets and hide a few in your area, it’s fun, and a great way to educate those who may stumble upon the wallets a little bit about Bitcoin Cash. It’s also fun to see how long they take to get swept up, and rather intrinsically rewarding when they do.
As new wallets get loaded and submitted into new countries, we make sure to bring further awareness of the campaign by tweeting them out and tagging influential outlets within the community where they were hidden.

George and his son, Andy are at the barbershop, when George suddenly remembers he left his wallet at home. Luckily, Andy has some Bitcoin Cash and sends his dad some. George then tips his barber, and pays for both their haircuts. There will also be humorous elements within the script. 2 different edits - One 30 second, and a 1:30 edit.The ad is now complete except for the few CG elements. Once these are complete the promotional video will be released.

Business Onboarding Info Pack

A project to put together an info pack to get businesses started with Bitcoin Cash. The current plan is to include a pamphlet, some Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here" stickers and a paper wallet with a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to play with. These packs will then be provided at meetups, events and anyone who needs them for onboarding businesses.The information pamphlet is complete and on order. The stickers are complete and on order. We now have the ability to use custom designs on We are now in the process of creating the leaflet for users. There was a hold up on this while we looked for a graphic designer.

High Quality Bitcoin Cash Ad

The concept is to create a high-quality Bitcoin Cash ad that is accessible to the masses and that we can use to heavily advertise Bitcoin Cash in video form (e.g. on youtube, vimeo, and social media). The ad would be similar in nature to this ad by Coca Cola. It would show people all around the world using Bitcoin Cash (and having a great life) in their every day lives.The tagline would be 'Bitcoin Cash - For everyone'.The idea is to show that Bitcoin Cash is a currency that is accessible to save and spend and receive by anyone and everyone in the world, and that by doing so people gain access to the global economy.

Bitcoin Cash Documentary

A project to be produced simultaneously as the ad to maximise fund use.The documentary would target two key concepts:
  1. Why and how does Bitcoin Cash exist.
  2. Bitcoin Cash is used in a real economy by people all around the world, and these people need a good money system.
There would be a short motion graphic section in the documentary to explain the technical side of why/how Bitcoin Cash exists (e.g. block size, forks, on-chain scaling). This informational motion graphics section would also be suitable as a stand-alone video that can be used on social media to explain the situation.We are now actively looking for people around the world who use Bitcoin Cash, and the ability to use it impact their lives. If this is you, or you know someone like this, please get in touch.

Super Secret Website Project

We have a big website project we are working on internally (Not the BCF website). We will have some big updates on this over the coming month.

Project 1B

This project is a grand scheme to work towards on-boarding 1 billion people onto the Bitcoin Cash economy in developing countries.The concept is to manufacture and sell $5 feature phones in large quantities in various developing countries, and have these devices partly subsidised by various parties including charities and mobile networks. These phones would have a simple user and merchant Bitcoin Cash app pre-installed and would be loaded with a few dollars worth of Bitcoin Cash. For example, the phone cost = $5 and the phone has $4 of Bitcoin Cash on it.The apps will work with very low resources in a similar way to the wallets at We are currently in the process of setting up many more exciting projects!


TxHighwayVisualize the difference in speed and scalability by comparing Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core's transactions using our highway themed blockchain visualizer. Unlock a bonus sprite with each donation back to the Bitcoin Cash Fund and monitor your address.This project executed with massive success!

Internal BCF project to produce a branded sound for Bitcoin Cash payments. This sound would be used industry wide in apps when a bitcoin cash payment is sent or received. This sound would also be used in promotional video material to reinforce the brand. This sound would have a similar psychological effect as the Macbook powering-on sound.This is now complete and can be heard at the end of the new 'What is Bitcoin Cash?' video. Please reach out to all the wallets that use Bitcoin Cash and show your support for the BCH sound branding.

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

This is an internal BCF project to produce a video similar to the What is Bitcoin? video, but remade for Bitcoin Cash. The voiceover for the video is the amazing Kevan Brighting who did the voiceover for the award-winning game Stanley Parable. The video will be roughly 1:30 minutes long and should be completed within 2-3 weeks.Work has started on the translations to Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and French. This should take another week or so.

BCH Netherlands Mini-Conference

A one day conference in Amsterdam. During this conference we will discuss Bitcoin Cash from a social, technical and commercial point of view. Speakers from companies such as BTC.COM, Lokad and the Bitcoin Cash Fund will give you a unique perspective of what is going on with the Bitcoin Cash crypto currency. The event will be held on the roof of the TQ building (TQ Club) in the heart of Amsterdam. Interesting Talks by industry leaders including:
------------------------------- If anyone has any questions feel free to post them below and we will try to answer any that you have.
The Bitcoin Cash Fund.


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