Nowadays, suicide is more common in Venezuela. Most of the time, this act is made by young people who have been so overwhelmed by several reasons that are the common concern for the average Venezuelan: the situation of the country.
The statistics are alarming. Not content with being one of the most violent countries in the world, it has a suicide rate in rapid ancestry.
The opportunities for the citizens are increasingly scarce and some are torn between the constant dilemma of "Leaving or not leaving the country". Get away from your country and leaving behind your family and loved ones to start a new life in another place you have not even visited can be a scary scenario.
The scarcity of commodities makes a striking difference between those who still have "purchasing power" and who, unfortunately, have had to resort to degrading practices such as scouring the garbage, hoping to find the food of the day.
All the people who still live in Venezuela, know that products are "obtained" at exorbitant prices. If we want to enjoy a decent life, we must be willing to pay "any price". This political, economic and social situation causes despair in the majority of young people, who feel that their dreams are very difficult to realize in their native country. Social conditions can drag us into deep states of sadness and anxiety.
In such an unstable environment, we can choose between two ways of facing the situation: optimism or negativity. Those who decide to immerse themselves in the second option, end up developing a depressive state, which on fatal occasions, leads to suicide.
My advice to those still living in Venezuela is: Please do not think that taking your life will end your suffering. Many countries have gone through the same scenario that Venezuela currently lives and have recovered. This land is rich and prosperous, do not abandon it.
In the country, there are still people who are betting on new kind of businesses. Analyze what you are good at, strive to start a project that helps you to grow economically and regain your ability to dream.
If you want to start your journey in another country, do not be afraid. Things that are worthwhile are achieved with effort and dedication. Hard times build us as people and it is important to learn how to handle this kind of situations. Depression is a disease that can be treated and cured successfully.
Do not be afraid to ask for help, we are all going through the same process, you are not alone.



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In the second picture, there is a lot of food being thrown away. Are the rich still able to eat and throw away leftover food??
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