I've conducted a test of the SLP token system for BCH.
TracySpacy https://memo.cash/profile/1KZrNGm5AKi56PMvjUiRJnxs8SxHHVERTK created the TracySpacy token to test out the SLP functionality. I was curious, as a beta tester, so I asked about it and TracySpacy was nice enough to share some information with me . So was Enigo Montoya https://memo.cash/profile/1EtrSBGWVL9vi4yibxJ8duVXE9AtMnrcm
First, if you go to the ElectronCash website you will find the SLP(beta version) by scrolling down the page. You will need this wallet. After TracySpacy sent me some tokens I sent 50 to a test wallet. You can see the transaction on this block explorer: https://tokengraph.network/address/qpnpnjeczzs38azzr8kjg6djhjqm7laneydte7526m and if you use BlockChair it looks like this: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/address/qpnpnjeczzs38azzr8kjg6djhjqm7laneydte7526m
Another point I noticed is that the ElectronCash SPL wallet made me add the token myself before I could send it out and gave a warning about counterfeit tokens. Counterfeit tokens were a problem on Ethereum. I first heard about people making new tokens with well known names and passing them off through ZeroX Radar Relay (a peer to peer decentralized exchange/DEX). People would copy the logo and ticker letters onto a new token with a different contract address. Unsuspecting buyers would come in meaning to get the popular token they wanted but instead would get a useless counterfeit.
I had no BCH in the test wallet, and it would not let me send the tokens back. I sent myself some sats from my HandCash wallet. I then notices there were 3 types of addresses in my ElectronCash SLP wallet: Legacy, Cashaddr and SLP. I sent back to my SLP address.
The block explorer for tokens only takes the Legacy and Cash addresses. When I enter the Legacy my Cashaddr is displayed. If I enter my Cashaddr then only my Cashaddr is displayed. When I enter my SLP address this happens: https://tokengraph.network/
There is an address converter in the wallet, though I'm not sure the purpose of the SLP address. I find it confusing that the SLP address and Cashaddr look similar. I exported the private key from the test wallet and put it into a paper wallet generator. Everything was as it should be. I then sent the last of my BCH from the test wallet to my original wallet.
Test Wallet Addresses are...
Legacy: 1AJrpkgC8HzyfchyctJHikX3yCqXNmbBUV
Cashaddr: bitcoincash:qpnpnjeczzs38azzr8kjg6djhjqm7laneydte7526m
SLP: simpleledger:qpnpnjeczzs38azzr8kjg6djhjqm7laneypsj9p2y9



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Update: It would appear that tokens can only be sent to addresses from compressed keys and 546sat are sent when sending tokens. https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-cash/transaction/252837133#o=2
   4wk ago