This might be considered another WIP, I still have hopes I will retake it one day and make a full coloured version of it....but for the time being it's just line art with some sparse coloured elements like the red star in the forehead and those tribal markings in the belly. And yeah as the title of the post already mentions this is a redesign of the Pokemon Kadabra... I did It because my friend Sara asked me if I could help her with ideas for redesigning Kadabra, as she was doing some collaboration with other illustrators...and well I came with sketch of this tribal version of the creature and since I had so much fun with it that I went and made a digital vector version 😁

Technical Info: Digital Media Created in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Perhaps I did it in 1 hour or less
GIF showing some of the progress
Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved
What are your critiques and comments? please let me know in the comments bellow 👇 😁
Thanks for your time peeps! I hope you liked my artwork and my post!
Cheers Everyone 💙🎉 Full res 1500x1500px 72dpi Behind Paywall :)


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What's with the red star? To me looks like trying to depict Communism as the devil/evil... is this your intent?
   2yr ago
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Thanks for commenting @-ed-! Hmmm well certainly I'm not a fan of communism...but the intention was merely copying some features of the original design.
   1yr ago