Disclaimer: This post might seen strange and disjointed. I am leaving it this way to emphasize how the current bugs in the Yours system can create confusion relating to the fundamental principals of this site.

Section 1: I'd love to respond that I agree.

In fact, when I was first on here, I spent around $200 in total giving people on here tips.
And now I'm out of money. I have nothing left to give.
I have $0.11 in total. I've learned my lesson.
Sometimes giving, just shoots you in the foot.
It sure has with me here.
Until people migrate to here from facebook so there are TONS of people here using the site, having comments cost, isn't a countermeasure to spam.
It's just utterly discouraging for communication.
Interestingly enough, even though EVER SINGLE memo action COSTS BCH, I can still post and do things on memo. There might come a point where that's not the case - I don't know. I just know that I haven't not been able to use memo since I first put my initial money into it. People often tip me for what I say on there.
I wish I was able to use Yours in the same way. I look forward to doing so.
Fortunately, there's no cost anymore to posting, or this would be the same situation as steemit for me, and then if I hit a brick wall with memo, my only option left would basically be going back to Facebook.
Which would be really ironic.
We don't have a mass degree and amount of people using Yours.
To charge a fee for interacting right now while we barely have a community formed to begin with, is HURTING Yours tremendously, imo.
Actually, you know what, I WILL do the comment charge of $0.10.
I think this idea needs to be heard by those on that post.
And so what that I wouldn't be able to comment elsewhere.
I can post more here on my profile.

Section 2: Wait what?

I was going to post it and here I see the comment section on the post IS free.
Damn that's confusing.

Section 3: Apology; Yours as Facebook

Why are you apologizing for sharing your opinion?
I'm sorry, it's my opinion that sorries said in such a way are inherently insincere (I mean c'mon) and are dishonest not only to others, but to yourself: You're literally apologizing for your opinion! If you're going to take such a stance with beggars on Yours, and you're APOLOGIZING for it, why should they take you seriously?
Stand firm in your opinion.
I think that Yours should be treated similarly to Facebook.
Do people beg on Facebook? Sure, but that's not WHY they're there!
If someone is using a social medium for being social, THAT will in and of itself... Create Original Content. No need to tell them they should. They just WILL.
In my opinion, you're harming your message by apologizing for it.
"Sorry not sorry", as the saying goes.


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