Greetings friends of YOURS.ORG as I had already mentioned in my previous post I would start a social work with my small group in the school where I work with the purpose of making the days of the little ones more colorful.
Many of them come from homes with little resources and much need, as I also tell you in this part of Venezuela where I have lived since the early hours of Monday we have experienced some sosobras for earth movements that have occurred.
For this reason the children have not come regularly to the planter because of their parents' fear that something mayos happens, but this has not been reason to discourage us and while they are not their teachers we arrange their school with affection for their arrival.
We consider the importance of a good learning environment of inclusion and with a lot of collaboration from some representatives and ours we have taken painting (each one a little bit to improve the facade of our school.
I think with a little more collaboration we can paint our entire institution although we need to work a lot since the situation here is not easy and the paintings are very expensive.
The classroom in Initial Education is of transcendental importance for the teaching-learning process, since it is in them, the child is given the opportunity to live, learning situations in all areas of child development: cognitive, socio- affective, motor.
The learning environment is conceived as daily construction, daily reflection, permanent singularity that ensures diversity and with it the richness of life in relation.


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Interesanye work hopefully and can continue to support each other in addition to getting the support of representatives and others for the good of the children
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