It seems like these days we have quite a lot of positive developments for Bitcoin Cash. :D :D
  1. November fork -- to change the difficult adjustment algorithm to something that should give us nice smooth release of new coins of one block every ten minutes. (And change the address format to make it easier for users to not get confused.)
  2. Price ranging staying about 300$ for quite a while even with heavy dumping from firms that have been holding Bitcoin for their users and selling the BCH.
  3. At times Bitcoin Cash has attracted a lot of hashpower.
  4. declaring (and giving a lot of convincing reasons why) Bitcoin Cash is the true heir to the Bitcoin name and the only coin true to Satoshi's vision.
  5. Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Craig S Wright, and Calvin Ayre teaming up to promote Bitcoin Cash as the one true Bitcoin. Hate them or love them, they bring a lot of resources and brain power.
  6. Bitcoin Cash has 6 development teams. One of the most discouraging things over the last several years, is that due to the toxic atmosphere surrounding Core and the continual infighting about whether to scale or not, if coffee was a valid Bitcoin purchase or not, developers stopped thinking of Bitcoin as an interesting field of research. The Core stifled creativity by making the blockchain a place where you could only develop and build on if you got prior permission. Not the permissionless blockchain Satoshi intended. Things are so much different now. Lots of new ideas, lots of friendliness and openness. None of the old snobbiness and elitism fostered by the Core developers.
  7. The magic of Bitcoin has returned. Redditers on r/btc are again joyfully posting when a new retailer accepts Bitcoin Cash or when they've used Bitcoin Cash to buy coffee or hot chocolate. There is something magical about frictionless, instant transactions where one doesn't have to trust a lightning network channel. Satoshi Dice and are some very good examples of how cool Bitcoin Cash can be. And they are just the beginning.
  8. The magic of Bitcoin is sprouting a whole garden of viral memes and videos. People are excited about Bitcoin (Cash) again and it is showing.
  9. Businesses can see from the Gigabyte block testing experiments that all six developer teams working on Bitcoin Cash are serious about making sure that businesses don't have any more nasty surprises down the road with sudden increases in fees.
Are there other reasons to be thinking Bitcoin Cash are going to have a rosy next twelve months? What have I missed?
Update: I've written another post with more info -- 10 Reasons I'm Bullish on Bitcoin Cash this December



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Lots of great reasons already. I think there may be another, that is self-reinforcing. I hope the upcoming hard fork will go some way to preventing miners from gaming the sharp downward adjustment in difficulty caused by the EDA, but also believe there needs to be a more lasting reason for hash power to want to mine BCH than just short-term profitability.
So what will make miners want to mine Bitcoin Cash in preference to BTC? 80% of the 21 million bitcoins (and bitcoin cash) have already been mined. The economics of mining then, will depend more heavily in the future on fees as opposed to block rewards. I don't have the data, so this view is a leap of faith, but given the rapid rise in bitcoin transactions when fees were low, I would wager that transactional demand elasticity is high. Lower the fee and the increased demand for transactions will more than make up for the lower price. It's my hope that bitcoin (cash) will go on to replace many credit card transactions, but the low hanging fruit is in areas where credit cards are too expensive to be used, or when payments are automated. Remittances, machine-to-machine payments, micro payments, these are either inefficient or untapped markets where payments are only possible if you have low transaction fees. It's in these areas where bitcoin cash can gain an important foothold and where BTC can't compete.
In the 1990s, I asked myself why the computer industry had created the most amount of wealth in the shortest period of time. It seems clear now, that Moore's Law, resulting in an exponential decline in cost of processing data, combined with a high elasticity of demand for CPUs was the main reason. This is the reason I now believe gene sequencing and renewable (solar) energy are about to undergo similar expansions. Similarly, demand for digital payments will only explode if the cost of making them continues to show the declines it did in the early days of bitcoin. This is the reason I believe Bitcoin Cash will become the dominant crypto currency.
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Great article!
Two other reasons include: 1. high fees on BTC and 2. people not wanting to use Lightning once it's understood what "off-chain" really means and the consequences of node centralization (as opposed to mining, which gives everyone an equal shot).
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