In today's episode, we investigate the fabled Deep State to find out what people even say they are, and whether or not they would be doing the things people say they're doing if they happen to be what people say they are.

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The Deep State is people in power who control the government and who make the government do things, make laws, etc, that the people from the deep state want.
And who the people in the deep state are? Top richest Capitalists (and a few Monarchs, who are also top richest Capitalists... like those Monarchs in UK for example)
People who don't know this don't have a clue how society actually works, and who makes decisions, and most people who normally would have discovered this, don't because they are presented with shit load of fake boogie man's, fake news, fake enemies, commercialized entertainment, and economic slavery jobs... and politics that is designed to be and stay... corrupted and working for the deep state cabal.
That answers all the most important questions.
The Deep State is 100% real... and there could be 1 more very massive rabbit hole in that rabbit hole... but you need to pay attention to what David Icke talks about.
   2yr ago