This article covers the dangers of hearsay and gossip and why it’s something you should avoid. Defaming someone’s character can haunt victims for many years, leaving people with tarnished reputations. Bullying and trolling is censoring the voices of the people.
Section 1: Why Hearsay, Bullying and gossip are dangerous evils
People overstate stuff
It’s common for people to claim accomplishments to boost their own self-esteem. Even go as far to claim abilities they don’t have and claim to have done good or bad things they never did.
People lie to intimidate others
Sometimes people claim to have committed crimes or heroic acts that really happened that they have zero involvement in.
People lie to ruin others reputations
Some claim others are rapist or murders or racists to smear their reputation. Many will believe others at face value. We as humans are too trusting and assume good people are always honest and don’t have dark sides.
Courts realize hearsay is unreliable
Legal systems know human nature and realize hearsay is not valid testimony in most cases.
People get Bullied often
It’s not secrete the bullying in the world is a major issue within workplace and grade school settings. Most of the time for all the wrong reason, you didn’t date a woman and it was political incorrect because you were different races, turning it into a racial issue. You were overweight, too nerdy, or didn’t obey the cliché’s cult leader. You rebelled against unfair and incompetent Teaching staff, and they stuck it to you. The reasons are endless, but bullying leaves people dumbfounded for years.
Victims have committed suicide
Bullying mentally drains people, leaves them helpless and makes them second guess why it happened to them. No form of abuse is worth dying over, why give the aggressor satisfaction of defeating you by your death.? That’s what those lowlife goons want you to give up and them to win. Screw them, live on get up.
Victims have committed murder
Victims do sometime’s murder their bully and done mass murders as revenge on what has happened to them. Bullying benefits no one, just the deranged maniacs doing it for a high.
It’s not always your fault
Bullying happens because the legal system is too weak on libel and white-collar crimes. Just because you are a different religion, race, fat, short, conservative, disabled, or gay you still shouldn’t get bullied.
Bullies are spineless weaklings
Lowlife’s that gain pleasure in others pain and misery. It’s easy for them to team up in clichés and have sycophants that will cover for them, if they get busted. The most pathetic are the internet trolls who hide behind different names and fight against everyone on Craigslist, 4Chan and various other forums.
Gossip spreads like wildfire
Whisper down the lane is for real. Once the story passes many parties it can change or become the truth (at least in the minds of sheeple). On social media you are pretty much guilty till you debunk the lies. The burden of proof is on the victim and not the cowards spewing the lies.
Don’t Stoop to their level, disown them
Sure, back in the good old days people would go in an alley and get five minutes alone with these bully idiots and clean their clocks. Now we have a tougher legal system.
Bullies and Trolls are the Censors
Don’t feel bad about severing ties to toxic people, you owe them and everyone else nothing. Disassociate with people who drag you down. These morons are censoring us, wasting time fighting you on Twitter and social media. Don’t bully back, wash your hands of them. They are not worth debate. You owe them no debts, screw their opinions. Disassociate, click the block button and now they can’t drown out your voice. Don’t live in fairy tale land were no one ever censors and there are no rules, never ends well. The best move is to disassociate with bullies, leave all social events they are in. If you are completely distant, and they chose to stalk you, then the legal system will be more on your side. If you retreated from bullying and it continues the bully is solely the aggressor and you’re not a co-aggressor.
You are held responsible for libelous claims
Regardless if you knew the claims were true or false you will get prosecuted for destroying someone else reputation. You should do your own research before making a negative claim against someone. Just because your friend told you something doesn’t mean he wouldn’t lie to harm his enemy’s reputation.
Metanet is coming to the rescue
Soon the internet could become transparent and monetized of all goes well. Immutable records, leaving a paper trial to expose nefarious actors like an open book. The whole internet on a side chain.
Legal Action is coming
Dr. Craig Wright, Calvin Ayers and Peter Todd have filed defamation suits against people defaming their characters. Gone is lawless days of Twitter Sockpuppets shilling and trolling without regard for the law. If you are going to defame someone, better have a good argument and proof. Not Craig Derangement Syndrome, undisclosed media sources, and interviews with dummies who lie on Twitter.
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