I wrote a simple userscript for creating a personal mute list. This was made for TamperMonkey but will work with other browser userscript plugins.
It only hides posts. I might update it to remove comments too, but this serves my purposes for now. Enjoy your inalienable right to free speech, along with the freedom of association it affords you :)
Copy and paste this into tamperMonkey, then update the user list on line 14 and their posts will be hidden from your feed.
Don't live in an echo chamber. Discuss and be respectful of others. When they fail to treat you or others with the same respect... you can use this if you want. If not, thats cool too.


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As a woman with strong opinions, I'm offended by your selection of stock images. Why is it that men ALWAYS think that just because a woman has a strong opinion she is not allowed to yell it at the to.... haha, man I can't keep it up.
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lol, totally thought that was real at first. You never can tell these days.
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@HSN had me going. It's the times. Deserves the tip.
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