Hi, homies. I am Cindy. Today I want to start a crowdfunding project. Only three seats available and 10 BCH for each candidate. Sounds weird and scammy huh?
Please allow me to give you further details.

Why Start Such a Crowdfunding?

Put simply, I have a project called “Cindy Daily” in China that I pay BCH supporters to promote BCH by translating stories, tweets and videos, forwarding articles, designing BCH tees, helping newbies download Bitcoin.com wallet, etc. The mission for Cindy Daily is that simple users can help promote BCH in their own ways and get paid! Work more, earn more , just like how the proof-of-work algorithm works in the Bitcoin system.
I first came up with this idea because I figure it is great timing for BCH to grow in a bear market. When the price of all coins are low, investors tend to start focusing on real tech, real innovation instead of sheer speculating on shit coins.
It’s been over 60 days since I launched Cindy Daily. Over 140 crypto users joined the initiative and worked with me in WeChat group. We translated great works on Yours.org, Bitcoin.com, Bitcoinist, etc.
We interviewed Memo.cash creator, we reported bch conferences, we translated videos from English to Chinese, we wore BCH clothes to attend blockchain conferences.
We wrote stories to share our experience about investing in BCH with the rest of the community; we commented on real-time news.
At Cindy Daily, we work to sell BCH to potential crypto users instead of people who are ALREADY BCH supporters.
I want the project to be sustainable. And I could not afford this all by myself. I would like to give it a try and see if I could get enough BCH to support the project without loans or having a sugar daddy... That's it.
PS:I feel the crowdfunding might not succeed. But still, I decided to give it a shot.

Who am I?

I am a blockchain journalist. I wrote English articles for 8BTC and Bitcoin.com. I also update what’s going on in the overseas community on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo and WeChat.
Chinese crypto users usually call me an Internet Celebrity. Now please don’t vomit because I am going to boast a little about myself.
When writing for 8BTC, they only asked me to translate news. But I insisted that I should write original stories. I went to Wuhan city for the 1st Litecoin meetup and interviewed Charlie Lee. I went to Sichuan to visit bitcoin miner.
I went to Hong Kong for BCH meetings. I shared funny things that happened to me. Most importantly, I had first hand experience on Chinese regulation and spread relative news ASAP to the foreign community to help make investment decisions.
On July 1, I started the project Cindy Daily. The vision is get reward for what you contribute to the BCH community.

Who is suitable for this crowdfunding?

Honestly, 10 BCH is not small money. I suggest BCH newbies do not participate, but help spread the news or recommend some big boss to me. Investors who keep a close eye on the Chinese market or blockchain teams who want to enter the Chinese market shall consider the crowdfunding.
What can I offer you?
1,Make an interview video
Who are you interested in? You could ask me to interview an industrial player, say, Viabtc? Bitmain? F2pool? Huobi? Jiang Zhuoer? Just name one and I will try to make it happen. If I failed, no worries, I have plan B:
2, Go visit a bitcoin mining center and make a video for you.
For crypto supporters, bitcoin miners are like what we see at sci-fi movies. Anyway, I was totally amazed when I visited a mining center for the first time. If you want, I could go visit a big miner or a mining manufacturer, like Ebit, Avalon, or even Bitmain, if possible.
3, Make a video about some of the BCH products in China, like which wallets support BCH, like how to create a token by the wormhole protocol.

Special Offer: 100 BCH for blockchain projects or Companies

1, Translate English whitepaper into Chinese
2, Write a Chinese PR story and interview the team
3, Post the story on at least 6 leading blockchain news outlets in China.
4, Help the team do a Chinese road show.
Above are what I could offer you for your donation. My personal project Cindy Daily will keep going.

How to participate the crowdfunding?

To the weird crowdfunding, if you read it through and want to support me, please send an email to:
cindylovefreedom@gmail.com and tell me the following information:
1, Your personal introduction, contact ways (email, telegram, twitter, etc.)
2, Reasons you want to join it and what you expect me to offer you.
I will carefully read each and every email I receive. I will write you an email back after carefully selecting three candidates. Why must I select? Because there must be some requests that I cannot satisfy. (eg, let me join your company, etc)
If you received my confirmation email, you need to send 10 BCH to me once and for all in three days.
PS:Sorry that I shall not provide you a receipt.
That's it. Thank you for your time.
Support me or not, welcome to spread the news.


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