At Praxis, we're obsessed with relentless personal growth, for ourselves and our customers.
One of the best, most accessible methods of pushing yourself is to take on small, short-term, daily challenges.
It's not the size of the task that leads to greatness, but the ability to show up and do it every single day no matter what.
The compounding effect is amazing.
So, starting today, we've challenged everyone in our network to write and publish a post every day for 12 days, now through Christmas. The entire Praxis team is doing it, as are many of our participants, advisors, and alumni. You should join us!
I can't tell you how powerful daily blogging has been for me since my friend and colleague challenged me to do it some five years ago. It has led to the creation of nine books, endless growth and opportunity, and one company!
Here are a few resources to inspire you:
  • Video: how daily blogging led to the creation of a company (below)

Yours has already given you a platform.

Dive in, commit, deliver. You will be glad you did!

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Going to try this.

   3yr ago
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Awesome! Stick with it. "Done" is better than "perfect". ;-)
   3yr ago