A conversation with Rothbard's disciple. A writer, designer, entrepreneur and Crypto Anarchist, R.D is an avid content creator and educator on Bitcoin. We cover his thoughts around Bitcoin privacy, smart contracts, philosophy, achieving Bitcoin Maximalism and much more.

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Rothbard's Disciple
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0:02:35 How Rothbard's Disciple got into Bitcoin
0:10:30 R.D's Smart Contract Projects and Creative Works
0:35:07 Rothbard's Favoured Crypto Currencies
0:45:40 Anonymity VS Pseudonymity (Privacy in Bitcoin Cash)
1:00:00 Artificial Intelligence
1:07:00 Jack of All Trades VS Master of One
1:14:00 The Upcoming Split
1:20:00 Do you think Craig Wright is Satoshi?


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