We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for a conversation with the man himself behind this wonderful site, Ryan Charles. Our conversation touched on how he got into Bitcoin, what he's learned about Bitcoin since creating Yours, and we talked about all the exciting features that will be powering the Money Button to achieve global adoption. We learned some new things about Yours' history, and we discussed why Ryan is pessimistic about solving the routing problem on the Lightning Network. Remember Yours co-founder Clemens Ley's awesome presentation on Turing Completeness in Bitcoin at Satoshi's Vision? We also touched on the history behind that investigation. We can't thank Ryan enough for his time, and we hope you enjoy the conversation as much we did. Video: https://youtu.be/YtHnBTtzh4k


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Great conversation, thanks @ryanxcharles for sharing those few secrets (nChain and how to doublespend - not that I plan to).
Your ideas for onboarding new people are great, as you've probably seen from my tweets.... providing small jobs to provide funding for people new to this scene is a great way to enter the space. As Jimmy would say, a WinWin :)
I hear the money button as the next level needed for the internet, it's one thing to create a 'better' social media platform, quite another to enable others to finance their own... a natural evolution for self expression. The way you're thinking to introduce people, IMO it's a money button phenomenon and what I'm personally loving.. how just the thought of having a payment button causes me to think outside the box.
Quality conversation, I enjoyed listening.
Thanks guys :)

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