This time I want to show you this experiment that I did
A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to the town of Chuao where the best cocoa in the world is planted and harvested, Chuao is a town located on the coast of the state of Aragua, while touring the town, on the way I was struck by the hacienda, and I managed to see that in some Cacaos there were fruits, they are a kind of yellow Granada, I did not have the opportunity to take pictures with the camera since it is illegal to pluck the cocoa from the hacienda, but with speed and astuteness I was able to steal a fruit from one of the trees, since in the town there was no store open that day to buy cocoa, it was yellow with orange tones, which indicates that it is mature.
When I returned to my city, Maracay, I brought the fruit with me, I hoped it would ripen a little more, cut it in half with a knife, have a thick, inedible outer peel, and inside you will find the cocoa seeds covered in a sweet pulp with a taste very similar to the taste of the Guanabana or the Mamón but with a certain cocoa bouquet. These seeds are extracted from the fruit, and put in the sun for a few days here I can show you the ones I could extract from this fruit.
Dried cocoa seeds they should remove the husk that is the pulp of the dried fruit that covers the seed, when they are ready they will turn a brown hue and have a strong smell.

Now we will turn these precious seeds into delicious chocolate! The first step that we will have to carry out will be to toast the dry seeds, for this we will have to use an iron.

Then we proceed to crush the seeds until they become dust, you can do it with a mortar or if you have a food processor, so that it is more refined, to me in particular I like the old way.

Cocoa powder, omg!

Mmm, it smells really good!

Now we will cook the cocoa powder over low heat with a little bit of water.

It should be cooked over low heat and beat with a wooden spoon, slowly, you have to be patient the more you turn the better the texture of your chocolate will be.

Once it is very thick, wait for it to cool, so you can manipulate it and make shapes.

Then you can place it on a tray and put it in the freezer for two to three hours and that's it, your own homemade chocolate.

I hope you liked the post, greetings to the whole community.


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Nice! Some months ago I got some raw cacao beans from the store and I managed to get to a state like your picture #7 (with a texture like sand mixed with oil), however I couldn't figure out how to grind it into a fine paste. Strangely I didn't think to use a mortar and pestle ...
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If you follow my step you'll have a delicious homemade chocolate, you can also use the cocoa powder for making cakes, muffins, or you just can have a cup of hot chocolate if you use more water.
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