Two fish were talking in the afternoon.
“How was your day so far, Jim?”
“Great, I went to that hot new place in the Coral District. It’s true what you heard, Carl, it’s really something.”
“Wow, I’ll have to check it out sometime.”
“Me and the pals are gonna go there again this evening if you wanna come.”
“Oh really? I’d love to, might just take you up on that offer…”
But then a third fish swam by. He seemed really freaked out, and the other two looked at him with concern. “Oh wow, Larry, what happened? You look like you’ve seen something terrible!” Jim said.
“Guys! Guys!” Larry panted, blinking heavily in panic, which was a really impressive thing for a fish to do. “You won’t believe what happened just now!”
“What? What happened? Come on, tell us!” Carl urged him.
Larry looked around, who knows why, then leaned closer. “I was abducted by aliens!”
“What?!” the other two fish’s expression now turned into disbelief. Jim shook his head. “Don’t be silly, Larry, there are no such things as aliens.”
“Yeah, Larry…” Carl added. “Maybe you just accidentally slept upside-down again and had a weird dream.”
“No, no, guys!” Larry kept pushing it. “I was just swimming along when I saw this, like, really tasty food floating by, forgot what it was, but when I went for it, it’s like, it was a trap! The moment I ate it, something caught me by the mouth and pulled me right out of the sea!”
“Out of the sea?” Jim was starting to lose his kind attitude. “You just lost me.”
“Yeah.” Carl agreed with him. “You know full well that nothing lives outside the sea, it’s just not possible. There isn’t even any water up there!”
“But, but guys, that’s the thing!” Larry didn’t let it go. “When I got pulled out, in my panic, I saw this creature, it was huge! And it was colored a bit like a clam! It had all these weird appendages that allowed it to carry some kind of stick it used to pull me out of the water!”
“Oh yeah? And then what?” Jim rolled his eyes.
“Then it took me off from the stick and showed me to its kin that was also there. It grabbed me by the tail and lifted me up like it was showing me off! I think they were scanning me or something, because I saw a bright flashing light, and only after that did the alien move again, and then it threw me back into the water.”
“Seems like they didn’t need you after all.” Carl chuckled.
“Well, they probably got what they wanted from me. Maybe they scanned for information on our species, and are planning to invade us soon!”
“No, Larry, come on…” Jim rubbed his forehead with his fin. “This is ridiculous. You just had a bad dream. Just drop it.”
“Eh, forget it, Jim.” Carl shrugged. “Wanna go to the Coral District now?”
“Sure.” Jim nodded, and the two turned to leave.
“Wait, wait!” Larry said. “You’re going to the Coral District? Can I come?”
The two fish didn’t say anything, but Larry was already swimming after them.



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