For anyone it is a secret that the critical situation that we are living in Venezuela, day by day, I have to live very depressed moments, because in my work, I like to go out to do inspections to families of very low resources, wanting to have children extremes, medicines, families living on a ranch without a bathroom without a bed, only with a mattress lying on the floor, children unable to go to school for lack of clothing, shoes, pencil notebooks.
This makes me very bad every day but I stopped to think about the possibility of creating a non-profit foundation, only to help people in need, to people who really need it, to help people who are on the street, to all the children, to be able to provide meals to these people who are already in a state of malnutrition, to create a foundation where our only objective is to help all those who are in extreme poverty in a street situation, with people willing to collaborate to work with affection, for Venezuelan children and babies in malnutrition, by people in street situations.
In Venezuela we are going through I would say the biggest crisis in our history, and many Venezuelans have had to emigrate in search of an improvement, those who have not been able to and live on a minimum wage are living critical moments. There are many of us who in this and other platforms have come together to work as a team to help in our country doing social work.
Well, some of my family and friends have already done it on other occasions, we have been taking food to the people in the street, and we have brought clothes to very low income people, medicines and supplies to the people in the hospital, it seems like a good idea to take this to a project to something much more serious and to be able to help many more people ... I invite you to join this beautiful project ... I have a lot of faith that everything will turn out well and I will find people who are willing to help me to move forward with this beautiful project that I plan to take forward! I know that at the end of everything we will have a great reward ... as the saying goes: "Do good without looking at whom"


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