It is the first time it is produced, but the workers fear that the event will be repeated because of the number of cows that roam without control over the country.
The city of Mui Wo, in the east of Hong Kong, has been the scene of the unconventional assault on a supermarket. It was not a theft or a protest by any association: it was a group of cows that, at their own risk, decided to enter the establishment to feast on their favorite foods.
As explained by the newspaper Ming Pao, the cows entered the supermarket 'Fusion' and went directly to the area of ​​fruits and vegetables, where they were given a feast of their favorite foods, while customers laughed funny at a scene that nobody thought to meet when he decided to go shopping.
After the animals finished eating, the supermarket workers were able to take the cows back to the street, without any incident with the customers. And although it is the first time that happens to them, they fear that the incident will be repeated because of the large number of animals that roam the streets of Hong Kong.
It is estimated that there are more than 1000 cows that are wild in the country, of which about 30 would be in Mui Wo, which is located on the western island of Lantau. And a report from Hong Kong's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation notes that it is not easy to "guarantee its coexistence in harmony with local residents." Will the assault repeat?


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