To whom it may concern,
What do you want when you hire somebody? What is the ideal candidate? Is it somebody who takes on tough challenges with gusto and enthusiasm? Is it somebody who doesn't let themselves get frazzled when the going gets tough? Is it someone who seems to be able to figure out everything? If you're looking for somebody like this and you also want this person to have an intrinsic, burning passion for all things related to coding and web development, Rob is your man. 
This was something I spotted early on during our coding bootcamp. By luck of the draw I ended up sitting next to him, so on quite a consistent basis he blew my mind with what he knew and what he created. He always seemed to go above and beyond the requirements, and when nobody else could complete the task within the allotted time, you would always see Rob's hand go up when the teacher asked if anyone had. Never was he unable to figure out the solution to any problem. Never. He is what I like to call a coding wizard. 
Which is why I hope nobody ever reads this letter. I have a vision for a website application and company I want to build, and I want to build it with Rob. He is exactly what you would want if you were starting your own company. He's brilliant, he has passion, he's easy to work with, he's humble, and he gives you confidence that the job is going to get done and done quickly. He is a natural talent and that's why I asked him if he would work with me on the final project. I wanted to at least build a prototype with him before he inevitably gets hired by Google or some other tech company.
So, if you're still undecided after reading this letter, I have one thing to say. Just talk to the guy. You'll see what I'm talking about after you do.
(My name)