Hi, how are you!
I hope you are very well, today I am going to take a walk to a spectacular place which I did not know existed and is very close to my city, the place is called floryanna and it is a country club that used to be a hacienda and its owner decided to turn it into a very beautiful tourist place, full of animals and special areas to spend the day with the family! When you arrive you can see the whole farm and to get to the entrance you have to go all out it's great! Upon entering you can see a huge house that is now converted into restaurants and sales of food and sweets typical of the Andean region (Tachira- Venezuela)
When you get to the end of the whole hacienda, you have a kind of rodeo where you do events, ride horses and go through the trees between bridges to get pulled by the shortest zip line.
As you go up you will find animals and bridges under the shade of the trees.

At one end of the farm you can find an open space where there are some obstacles to play and the longest zip line.



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