Hello dear friends of yours, today I want to show you one of my pasatimpos, that additional to relax becomes inadvertently in an art ... The embroidery in cross stitch. Cross stitch embroidery is a type of embroidery where stitches are made in the form of Xs. This embroidery is considered one of the oldest that can be found in the world. Many popular art museums exhibit fabrics adorned with this type of beading, especially in Continental Europe and Asia.
a blank canvas
that little by little is becoming art
This craft activity was evolving to become a decorative technique, which makes it an art (in my opinion). For this type of embroidery you need dedication and a lot of concentration ..., as well as not suffering from cervical, nevertheless it fills you with great satisfaction when you arrive at the end of a project. As the painting is a blank canvas that allows you to design a beautiful painting ... today thanks to technology and various applications you can even make with this technique portraits and / or any image that you want ... I always thought that I was not made for crafts, but once you have children born in you that desire to do things you never thought I would be able to do. THE CHILDREN COMPLETELY CHANGE THE LIFE.
P.D .: I am not an expert but I am proud of my creations, it is unfortunate that in my country many of the materials are no longer available ...