Dear Friends

So friends first thing first i have been on @yours for a quite few months but didn't blogged just acquired my username and after getting a deep dive in BITCOIN CASH Ecosystem and various others platforms and initiatives which are powered by BITCOIN CASH . I finally decided to start blogging and witness the mass adoption of bitcoin cash and other altcoins and figured out to help others to Onboard,Earn and Educate .
A little more of my life..
I am pursuing my BE in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University of Hyderabad (JNTUH) I aspire to obtain my university degree and be great in the exercise of my career. I am really into crypto space or industry for around a year and half and have tried many other platforms and seen many ups and downs for various projects and witnessed many possibilities that can be achieved with blockchain technology and its just the begining of new era of web 3.0 apps or DAPPS.

My Plans with Bitcoin Cash

1.Start Meetup and build an active community.
2.Teach and Educate people about this opportunity and how it can change their life.
3.How easy it is gain an social presence and surround yourself with productive people around the world remotely.
I will be posting about Cryptocurrency,Life,Well-being,Blockchain technology and much more . Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs !
On the way I will explore other projects and initiatives too little by little and we will also talk a lot about life and its things ..
Thanks for reading and for commenting ! I read them all ! I also welcome your constructive criticism if any !
Thanks , wish you success in your life .

Note: All of the Earnings from this account will be used to fund the BITCOIN CASH MEETUP IN HYDERABAD.



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