It's 3AM, sometime in October of 2016, I'm living on my buddies couch and I can barely keep my eyes open....
Hello my name is Dan Wagner and this is my first post on I'm not big on sharing my thoughts with the world, I use social media occasionally, I like to listen more than I speak, and even as I am typing this I am wondering why the hell anyone would care about my 2 cents (or I guess in this case 10 cents ;) ) regarding cryptocurrency.
I'd like to start by telling you a little bit about who I am and how I ended up here writing an article on (correct me if I'm wrong but there can't be a lot of people that know about this site... so why am I here?) I went to college in Nashville, TN and majored in Music Production. While attending college I also played baseball and was fortunate enough to get drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 2009. I played for six years in the minor leagues and ended up making it to Triple-A (AAA), falling just short of my childhood dream of becoming a Big Leaguer. After being released from the White Sox in 2015, I was contacted by a handful of other teams that wanted to pick-up the last year of my contract. This meant I had a choice. Do I continue to pursue this dream... or do I "hang-em-up"? I chose to hang em up. I'm not going to get into the details of why I made that decision, but long story short, a fellow teammate of mine, and I, had a business idea while playing and we decided to make it a reality.
You may be wondering WTF my life story has to do with cryptocurrency and why I chose to start this way... Well, to be honest, I just want anyone that reads this to know that you do not have to have a computer science background, a major in economics, or understand cryptography to get involved with cryptocurrencies. I had the chance to invest in Bitcoin in 2010 and I didn't because it simply did not make sense to me... AT ALL. I was more concerned with baseball, drinking beer with the homies, and girls. I could care less that people were sending pennies to each other over the internet. I was on my way to making millions playing Major League Baseball. Hind sight is always 20/20 I guess :/. Bitcoin, as I type this is trading for over $16K.
Fast Forward to the Fall of 2016... I've been in Los Angeles for about seven months living on an RV with my former teammate/new business partner. We had raised some money, developed a product, I left my friends and family on the east coast, and I caught a one way flight to the City of Angels to start a tech company and pursue the American Dream. After what seemed like an eternity of being cooped up in a motor home, we finally "upgraded" our living situation from the RV to our buddies place, who lives in Manhattan Beach, and just so happened to have two available couches. I say upgrade you try living on an RV with another dude for 7 months. Not to say living on a COUCH right next to that same dude is a HUGE upgrade, but there was and ocean steps away from the crib and surfboards to catch tasty waves.
Below: Me catching whitewater on a day with no waves hahaha
Below: Jammin to the Doobie Brothers on the RV! (Fun Times)
Alright, so there you have it. I'm just a normal dude living his life and trying to make the most of it while I'm on this incredible planet.
It's 3AM, sometime in October of 2016, I'm living on my buddies couch and I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm making plans for 2017 and what I am going to do with my gold and gold mining stocks for 2017. I had accurately predicted the rise of gold and gold mining companies in 2016 and was doing some analysis on what I thought may happen in the coming year. Just as I was about to close my laptop I saw it...
That seven letter word that will go down in history... BITCOIN.
The article that caught my attention was titled something along the lines of, "Bitcoin... The New Gold". It had been nearly six years since I had seen or heard that word. I clicked the link and nearly fell off of the couch when the article stated the price per BTC was approaching $1000. Let's just say I was up until 6AM and in a matter of three hours I had done my research, downloaded Coinbase, and purchased my first BTC. I didn't realize, at the time, that those three hours and an impulse buy would literally change everything about my daily routine.
Nothing really changed over the next couple of weeks, the Bitcoin had cleared in my Coinbase wallet, it had went up a little, and I found myself checking it out about once a week. One day, as I was messing around with the Coinbase app, I noticed "ETH" next to the BTC button near the top of the app's interface. I had no idea what ETH was, what it meant, or what it even stood for. I clicked it and it said $10.11. For whatever reason, and I kid you not, with zero research or anything, I purchased some ETH. I remember after doing it thinking to myself... "That was probably the dumbest most irresponsible thing I have ever done with money".
After several weeks of checking the prices, that inner thought was ringing more true than ever. Bitcoin was ok but this ETH thing was down to like $5 or $6 bucks. I decided if it got back to $10 I would sell it and just use the money to buy some more Bitcoin. I'll never forget how excited I was when I opened the app a couple weeks later and saw ETH at $15. Just a little note here... at this point I still had no idea what ETH even stood for. Once it hit $20 I finally decided to check it out. "Ethereum", I said to myself, "...what kind of name is that and what kind of nerdy BS have I gotten myself into".
I think the same day ETH was breaking $100, BTC was breaking $2000 and my daily routine would forever be changed.
I found myself losing sleep and not eating on a normal schedule. I was completely consumed by crypto. It had me by the balls and it still does to this day. I still work and do everything that needs to be done to make money, but literally every second of free time that I have is researching cryptocurrencies, crypto companies, and catching myself in a zombie like, lifeless, staring contest with Trading View. I've learned about ICO's (participated in a few), forks, knives, FUD, moons, BTFD, big blockers, CORE, trolls, shills, thrills, and everything in-between (including
Which brings me to Bitcoin Cash.
I am no economist. I have only been involved in crypto for a little over a year. I'm not a developer. I'm simply apart of the 95% that is from the outside looking in. The following is a completely 100% unbiased opinion, meaning I formed my opinion with this type of attitude... "I could care less who's right about scaling bitcoin... it just needs to scale today... not tomorrow... not next week or in six months. Now. Let's add the fancy technology's already complicated enough. It just needs to work for the end users of today."
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. Look at the information coming from both sides of the scaling debate and choose the one that makes the most sense both reasonably and logically. Do I want something the takes friggin forever to send/receive, cost HEFTY fees to do so, and the only real world use case is a "store of value"? OR... do I want something that is FAST to send/receive, cost basically nothing to do so, and can be used as a means of exchange and a store of value? Please don't give me the whole LN and layer 2 argument. These things will have their time. I also could care less about hearing the Litecoin or Dash argument either, even though I own both of those as well. It's really really really simple... Bitcoin has roughly 200,000 unconfirmed transactions and the fees are through the roof as I type this. Why is this ok? There is an entire world out there that doesn't even know what cryptocurrency is. Do we really want their first interaction with it to be a terrible experience?
I'm literally embarrassed when I help people make their first transaction with crypto and it takes hours and hours and hours for the transaction to confirm. They insist on entering the game via BTC because it's the "hype" in news and it's all the mainstream talks about. Then they get their first taste and it sucks. They say, "What are these fees?" "Why is it taking so long?" etc. etc.
I just really believe in this technology and I want it to succeed long term. One of the biggest turn offs in anything is a bad first impression. Whether you are trying to pick up a girl, or send some crypto (maybe leave the crypto talk out if you are trying to pick up a girl lol... at least at first) first impressions are EVERYTHING.
At the end of the day my gut is telling me that something isn't right with what's going on with BTC. Price pumps astronomically a few days before futures trading starts? C'mon... Maybe I'm tripping but what I witnessed the other day, in regards to BTC price was just silly. Something is going on. You have Blockstream, which is a VC backed company, paying CORE developers to do what they say. Since when did Bitcoin development become so centralized? I'm not even going to get started on the AXA company who supposedly invested tens of millions of dollars into Blockstream, who's CEO is the Chairman of the Bilderburg Group!! Do your own research there but it seems to me like the banks have a plan.
I have no strategic way of ending this rant/story but I do have one conclusion about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I think some people will love it and others will hate it.
I've used BTC. I've used BCH. I've read Satoshi's Whitepaper, and...


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Great story and so much transparency about what "Bitcoin" truly is. I totally agree about new adopters and their knowledge of Bitcoin (or lack-there-of...). It will be interesting to see what happens once Bitcoin Futures comes to the world. It will also be interesting to see what happens to "Bitcoin" when it costs more to transact than it does to purchase whatever it is people are buying.... oh wait, it already does.
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Good article. Though I recommend making your title not ALL CAPS :)
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Very nice read. Now you have another major point in favor of BCH, you got paid in it for writing and I'm guessing it was your first time. Now you know the potential
(Note to Ryan, I clicked on the payment button, took a few seconds and I clicked again before it vanished and got billed twice)
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@Imkeshav: Noted. We intend to disable the button with a spinner while the payment is taking place to prevent that. Will implement ASAP.
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