We live in a fast-paced world where commerce is built on the backbone of reliable tap & go transactions. A superior alternative emerged with the birth of Bitcoin; trustless p2p electronic cash that’s independent of central banks, governments, or any other centralized middle-men. Bitcoin allowed people create secure, instant transactions that were virtually free. These characteristics made it a convenient payment method for merchants and users, as you only needed to broadcast your transaction to the network and you’re done. Shady tactics allowed the Core developers to strip key Bitcoin functionality which made it P2P electronic cash. All this to pursue their own agenda - an artificial fee market, SegWit and a vulnerability known as Replace-By-Fee. Once they had this, they were able to introduce their monetised side-chain known as Lightning. These new susceptibilities introduced high transaction fees and long wait times on-chain. With the convenience & security of Bitcoin transactions destroyed, both merchants and users began abandoning this revolutionary payment method Thankfully due to the open source nature of this project; faithful pioneers were able to fork away from the direction of this hostile takeover, with Bitcoin Cash. A return to Bitcoin’s former glory by reintroducing instant and irreversible transactions, plus onchain scaling - as was the plan all along. By increasing the blocksize indefinitely; Bitcoin Cash is able to effectively surpass VISA and Mastercard network traffic, while remaining completely peer-to-peer and virtually free to send to anyone in the world. Bitcoin Cash strives for global adoption and throws out the HODL mentality. Instead developers are building services which incentivise usage. This is proven to grow the value of our network over time. Unsurprisingly merchant adoption is once again booming with Bitcoin Cash. PoS systems, online stores, social networks, gambling sites, are all choosing Bitcoin Cash as the preferred Cryptocurrency of choice. When time and money are a prime focus for business owners, Bitcoin Cash provides a competitive edge over all other payment systems. With real lightning fast transactions that offer no compromise, we are entering the era of Bitcoin Cash commerce.


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Heavy elaboration on the front end, fast car and fast women on the back end.
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Sorry about posting your video from my account. I could not find it posted here. I see now that you have an account here. So I deleted my post and tipped you the money I made on my post.
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