Happy day friends, today I want to make a tour of my beautiful community, I am from Venezuela state Trujillo, as I mentioned above, specifically Boconó my hometown, but I did not grow up in the town, I had the opportunity to live my childhood in Altamira of Tostós a beautiful mountain, which I want to show.
Altamira has a small village with few inhabitants, the houses are far from each other, it has a small school and a chapel for religious activities since most of its inhabitants have been trained in the Catholic religion.

Most of its houses are old ramparts, or bajareque, with stone bases, surrounded by beautiful gardens.
The main economic source is agriculture, they are mainly plantings of celery, coffee, corn, tomato ...

Celery cultivation

Green coffee beans

Corn cultivation

There is a breeding of cows for milk production.
The inhabitants are cordial and humble people, always willing to collaborate, they receive you kindly, their good treatment is characteristic of the community.
The creek is an excellent place to cool off, which joins the Burate River.
The temperature is pleasant (14 - 22 ° C), I particularly love the cold days where the fog surrounds us.

A place of peace and happiness

Photographs taken by me in camera siragon Lc-3000, except the two in which I leave, those are taken by my beautiful sister. I hope you enjoy them


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