Our maximalist seems to be focused on BCH (as well as holding onto a bit of BTC and BTG + BCD + etc. for various reasons). Others may choose to put many more eggs in many baskets.
edit: I was informed that CLAMs are a spinoff but not a legit fork of the Bitcoin ledger. So I replaced mention of CLAMs with BCD.

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How does putting eggs in BCH maximalize the eggs?
(I know explaining the joke ruins it... but I don't get it.)
BCH has the most effective coin formula?
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Bitcoin maximalists have Bitcoin which include all the chain splits, BCH is just one of them.
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@anarchospiritualist, BCH (Bitcoin Cash) is arguably the closest thing to Bitcoin as it was designed. If you believe that Satoshi's vision of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system has potential to change the world for the better, including for billons of the "unbanked", as are many early adopters, you are probably a supporter of BCH. If you are rooting for the chocolate bunny (whilst hedging with BTC on the off-chance that Lightning Network becomes workable at scale) you may be a maximalist. (Originally I'd drawn just one bunny, BCH, but after feedback was convinced to add BTC, etc. for good measure.)
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