Nothing extremely special, just thought I'd share. Blue line is the price and orange shows subreddit subscribers. BitcoinSV chart is above, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin follow.
Looking at how big r/bitcoin subreddit already is and how fast it is growing even in relative terms one must wonder - what's with the price? Well, it seems the block size limit is limiting the price too, as we learned from Metcalfe's Law. But still, I wonder: how does the law apply when you have a second layer (Lightning Network)? Should Metcalfe care transactions happened off the blockchain or not?
Also, there seems to be more Tether in circulation than in late 2017 so not sure if another pump is to be expected. I don't think the price can grow organically as things stand now.
(Posted also on the new, via - both promising young projects, though still have a lot to go to reach anywhere near UX)


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We're not out of the woods yet
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