Several days ago, I had about 200 BCH. Now I have the equivalent of 305. That number is still growing. I achieved this by trading against expensive advice found here at
You can easily verify this by looking at each of the trading posts below and see that the market performed almost the exact opposite at all relevant times.
While we shouldn't fault someone for merely failing to predict the market, as it is inherently difficult to do so, one can be faulted for showing fundamental flaws in interpreting issues and gauging their effects, particularly if such person holds her(him)self out as experienced in trading and charges for the advice.
That is the problem with current trading posts on Yours: their authors appear to have fundamental misunderstanding on the "who," "why," "what," and "when" of the market. So their advice are at best a random walk, and at worst (and in reality) negative indicators.
I purchased many of these posts (not the $100 Hong Kong banker one, as I am a Hong Kong banker myself and know that my banker friends are full of shit) and do applause the sheer amount of efforts going into these pieces of work. But I became skeptical, even dismayed, when I discovered that these posts are nothing more than regurgitated news, dull facts and angry tweets strung together by wishful thinking. It is a scary thoughts that many readers might have traded based on these very wrong thesis. These readers are essentially paying to lose a lot of money, quickly.
We must stop this madness.
Beyond the paywall, you will find my analysis on why these posts are wrong and what drove me to decide to trade against the advice given. You will also see my view on the market for the next few weeks.


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Excellent stuff. Curious your mid-longer term thoughts on BCH...if you accumulated an additional 105 recently, I assume you're bullish (or hedging BTC), so despite the near-term run up in BTC and lack of BCH exposure and access to newbies, do you see this changing at some point?
   2yr ago
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Hi Isaac, I do see this changing.
Logically, BCH's exposure and access to newbies problem is much easier to solve than BTC's exposure problem years ago. If BTC could do it against fiat, BCH can also do it against BTC.
The problem will not be solved in the euphoria phase of the market where all attention is fixated on BTC.
There will be a waterfall stage when the euphoria phase ends, one that shrinks the cap of the entire crypto ecosystem.
At the beginning of the waterfall, BCH will fall faster than BTC as speculators flee (the current BCH correction is already releasing part of that). But in the end, BCH/BTC will be higher than when the waterfall begins because the supply of BCH is comparatively speaking more inelastic (strong hodling).
That waterfall will be a reset button that gives BCH a chance to be evaluated side by side with BTC. And that's when technical merits, merchant acceptance, access to fiat markets, etc. matter.
The time for BCH to surpass BTC is the next bull cycle.

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