One of the major decisions of 2010 was making Aadhar Card a mandatory proof. Apart from other identity proof including PAN card, driving license or passport, Aadhar is also considered as one of the major sources of identification for Indian citizens. While a lot of individuals were able to reach out to an Aadhar centre and get their Aadhar card made, a lot didn't. There were also people who had mistakes in their Aadhar card. The article will help such people get their Aadhar fixed.
If you are an Indian citizen not holding an Aadhar card, it is beneficial for you to get one made. Simply because Aadhar is not just an identification proof but also an address proof. Every kind of details that is about you, including date of birth, name, and address among others are present on the Aadhar card. So, here is how you can enroll yourself for an Aadhar card:
  • Search for the enrollmentcenter that is nearest to your residential address
  • Book an appointment, make sure you have valid proofs including residential address, ID proof and more.
  • You will have to provide these details to the officer present at the center and once your documents are verified, your biometric figure prints will be taken as proof. Once everything is set and done you should receive your card in another 7-10 working days.
You can also download your Aadhar card online:
  • Visit eaadhaar put down the details required (Enrollment number or Aadhar Number).
  • Enter the security code
  • Choose if you want to receive an OTP on your registered mobile number or want to enter a TOTP.
  • Once you have entree all the necessary details press enter to download your Aadhar card.
If you want to make changes to your aadhar card you can follow these steps:
Visit an Aadhar center near your house with valid documents to make changes in your aadhar card.
For address update visit
The officer at the Aadhar center will guide you and help you get your details updated. Once updated you will receive your Aadhar card in the mail within 7- 10 working days.
You can also download the update Aadhar card using the steps mentioned above.
So, now that you have learned everything that is to do with Aadhar card, I would strongly suggest you get one if you are an Indian citizen.



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