It's been a while since I written anything ideological. Looks like the winter blues has gotten to me too. But, now it's warming up around, so I will take this opportunity to be “a bit clever”:
About governance of governments and about “bitcoin banks” (for me this is the same bull, but served with a different sauce).
On all the interviews that I’m present, I get asked the “regulation” question. About the great and the amazing governments of the future.
So here is the deal (and this is what I always answer): there is no such thing. If you try to shove a permissioned blockchain and sprinkle it with cookies on top, within, the present - corrupt and centralized systems (those are called: “governments”), you just basically serving sh*t on a pretty plate with something sweet on top of it. It still tastes like what it is.
It's all the same corrupt, hidden under the hood, business. That is working to serve a very small group of individuals, that still believe that governments have money (they don’t, there are people who ((sometimes)) choose those governments, and then they give ((not always by choice)) this money back to them, in taxes).
In fact, even Margaret Thacher would agree:
“There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers money”.
But that's not the point so back to our story:
“But what about bitcoin banks?". Usually, after this question I see a small glimpse of my life going before me in my head and everything becomes quite clear…
The best way to steal money from the bank and not go to jail is to “do it the right way”: in other words, you just get a license for it, by creating another bank. Even better - if you can create a central bank. Then you can steal from a whole country (Cyprus \ Greece…).
That is to answer the question, in regards to: how will they steal those paper bit...oops, sorry - shitcoins, in the near future (or in fact, any other product of the blockchain).
Knock-knock Neo, wake up… (c)