Acaray is a river in Paraguay that crosses many cities, and joins the Parana river where I live in Ciudad del Este, here the river was modified for the construction of the Acaray Dam.
Because of this modification the level of water in this river can change when the dam opens the floodgates, now the gates are closed so the water is gone, when this happens you can see the bottom of the river and many surprises: beautiful natural pools and small waterfalls where people enjoy fishing and swimming in hot days.
I always wanted to see the exact momento when the water comes from the dam but I was never on time, once I almost saw it, I could hear the water coming, the sound was incredible but when I got to the shore it was already flooded.
This is what we call a settlement, an area that was taken by homeless people, it's a very poor neighborhood but they are lucky to have such an incredible view.

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