Nope, no matter what you’ve heard. ‘Running for President’ is not something that gets Adam Kokesh going. If you listen to the recent episode of Humans of Bitcoin with Adam; ex-Marine, Libertarian author and ‘Iraq Veteran Against War' protestor, you will quickly understand that being President is not his end goal. Even though it could seem that way.
Hold on…. what has this got to do with Bitcoin?
Controversial activist Adam, gets straight to the point ‘I first heard about Bitcoin whilst smoking DMT with Joby Weeks.’
Joby introduced Adam to the Silk Road, back when Bitcoin was cheap. Luckily for him, when his last dollars were stolen (by an employee whilst he was in jail,) he had been savvy enough to hold enough Bitcoin to sustain his lifestyle post-release. From then on, he paid and survived only with cryptocurrency and cash.
Libertarianism was ingrained at an early age. His parents were ‘anti-authority’ and this concept influenced his decisions throughout life. So why join the Marines, the most anti-freedom move you could possibly take?
'This (being in the Marines) is a challenge that could drive someone to suicide…I want that.’
In Iraq, the young Marine quickly became disillusioned. The mission the troops were sent on, was far from their expectations. Instead of helping to rebuild Iraq, they were instead occupying and settling contracts with corrupt militants. Adams rebellious mindset shifted from acting out against his libertarian upbringing, to a full scale ‘Free America’ mission. #FinallyFreeAmerica!
Now he’s touring America and ready to take down Trump in 2020. But that’s only half of it.
Listen to the full story:



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