Adobe has merged Fotolia’s technology for its new services; it has also launched applications to integrate Mobile apps with desktop apps
Adobe has just unveiled this year’s edition of its Creative Cloud subscription program and has updated 15 desktop and mobile apps while its focus is on performance and functionality on various development platforms. Apart from these updates, Adobe has also capitalized its recent acquisition of a stock agency named Fotolia and has launched Adobe Stock, an all-new stock photo service. Moreover, it has also added the first cloud-based apps for Android phones.

Creative Cloud's senior Director Marketing, Scott Morris, said that his company has tried to ensure that the release offers some high performance for users. Moreover, he said:“This release of Illustrator is 10 times faster than CS6 for all of the common tasks like panning and zooming; InDesign is twice as fast, even in scrolling through complex documents; and performance enhancements in Photoshop such as the Healing Brush and the Path Tool are up to 120 times faster with GPU acceleration.”

Two new mobile apps have also been added by Adobe, Preview CC, and Hue CC. It is another effort by Adobe to integrate its Mobile Apps with desktop apps. There are some 40 million images in Adobe Stock currently; however, Adobe is looking to expand its reach to video and other formats. The ownership of the stock content and images belongs to Adobe. This makes it unique from its competitors and what they have to offer.

Users may launch the Adobe Stock feature within the Photoshop and select the image that they want to edit. This saves them from the hassle to license images every time, as now Adobe would send them a watermarked copy of these images and they may license it later on if it suits their needs. Later on, the watermark may be removed and they may edit the purchased image. Although it seems to be a pretty logical step by Adobe, but it may offend with its pricing plans. Nonetheless, the new service looks far more different than competitors.



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