I can speak fluently: Spanish, Portuguese and English. Paraguay is a bilingual country, Spanish and Guarani are the official languages, Guarani is an indigenous language, although I moved to this country when I was very young I couldn't learn it. Besides the official languages most people here also speak Portuguese since Ciudad del Este lies opposite to the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu. I learned Portuguese very easily. I love being able to communicate in different languages, here are some advantages of being trilingual:
  1. You become a different person with every language you master.
  2. Multilingualism could open opportunities for jobs.
  3. You find a connection in history, art, literature, but most importantly, your heritage.
  4. You become smarter! Seriously!
  5. It'll decrease your chances of dementia!
  6. You will appreciate cultures much more.
  7. You'll boost your memory!
  8. You'll probably be much more attractive to some people. (not working with me... but anyways...)
  9. You'll learn to appreciate phrases that are lost in translation.
  10. You'll be able to interact and connect with other people around the globe easily.
Do you speak any foreign languages?


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Basic Japanese (helped with #2 and 9) and a bit of French. :)
   2yr ago
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Now, for tips on how to learn languages! This site looked interesting: fluentin3months.com
   2yr ago