allows anyone to start making money right away by creating a listing about something they are willing to do for $5. Over 100 sellers have joined Fivebucks so far and after a manual review of all listings we have come up with a short list of bullet points to help each seller increase their chances of being featured as high as possible on our homepage.
  1. Complete your profile by uploading a picture, writing a brief introductory bio, and including a list of the languages you speak. Listings from completed profiles will tend to outrank listings from incomplete profiles.
  2. The size of listing photos must be 670x350 (optimal) or at least in that ratio. This is to optimise user experience and avoid having your image appear squashed in our search engine which in turn can negatively affect the number of clicks and sales your listing gets. Listings whose photos do not follow these size requirements are at risk of being delisted from our search engine.
  3. Share your listing on social media. By sharing your listing you are not only informing your followers and friends about your offer but also allowing those who search particular keywords to find out about your $5 offer. We monitor social media traffic on each listing and this also affects your overall ranking on
  4. Format your listing description appropriately. Organise your description along paragraphs and avoid excessive rows. Good descriptions, aside from being well written, must look good and be compact.
  5. The basic service must start from $5. We understand this can be challenging, but it is important to stick to this rule to ensure maximum exposure within our site. Listings that offer nothing for $5 but ask buyers to pay more will be eventually delisted completely from our search engine.
  6. Deliver your sales. Once you receive a sale it is important to talk to the buyer and deliver as soon as possible. Sellers who are non responsive or cancel the orders they receive are at high risk of immediate delisting from our search engine.

Following these simple rules alone will ensure that you outrank any negligent competitors in the long run.


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