Hello community, I want to introduce you to my father, with much grief and shame I come to ask you for help in what is in your availability, my father is very delicate of health, he is 66 years old and he has IV lung cancer with encephalous metastasis and bone, from which I need to start an urgent treatment that corresponds to 6 cycles every 21 days.
Small cell lung cancer that has spread to other parts of the body is often difficult to treat. Stage IV small cell lung cancer has a relative 5-year survival rate of approximately 2%. Even so, there are often treatment options for people with this stage of cancer. With all the hope that my father can overcome it and last many more years of life, I consider that he is still a young person so to speak, worker and fighter.
Please friends help me at least to start the treatment, it's very expensive for me and it's something I can not keep waiting for. The doctor says it has to be for now.
The treatment has an approximate amount of $ 580-600, I am aware that you can not help me with that amount but well what you can collaborate very well I will be grateful, Only one of Filgastrim's ampoules has a value of $ 250,The doctor says that the day after Monday you must have that treatment. At least the first cycle, I find myself totally desperate. He does not find what to do, to get this amount to buy the medicines.
Please friends what they can collaborate will be always thanking them, and in a moment they will be gradually paying for the same as well as they earn.


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Wishing y'all the best of luck!
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