If I recall correctly, voting on one's own content has always been a permissible action, but originally, doing so would actually boost one's post in the rankings, if only due to an oversight. I also seem to remember that this aspect of the self-vote was removed at some point, and that the payments made in the course of any self-voting would simply be transferred to Yours, perhaps as a way of discouraging the activity. And yet, while the way self-votes work has been changed, they seem to happen more now than ever.
To be clear, I'm not here to condemn this practice. I'm largely indifferent. But I'm also curious. Genuinely curious to know how self-votes actually work now. I can't help but wonder if I'm the only one in the dark on how they function, or if there are also large numbers of other users who are using self-votes, and maybe think they know how they work, but are possibly mistaken about that. As it is, I would imagine that many of the ones using them now are too new to the platform to remember how they used to work before being "fixed."
So how do self-votes work? My guess is I won't be any more inclined to use them after learning what goes on under the hood when we vote for our own posts as I am now, which is to say, not inclined at all. But I still wonder how they do work. When I see self-votes in the future, I want to know what this is doing for the person who self-voted, as well as what it's not doing.


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Good question, maybe it should be added to the FAQ page
   2yr ago