You surely had the experience of taking photos of your Significant-Other on your super duper new smartphone. But when you download them and go to print them to surprise your partner... OMG! they have become a pixelated mess! The resolution of the image is just too low. In the past when this happened you might have some Photoshop skills (who does not have them?) that could save you or you would run your image through a piece of SISR software.

What is a SISR Software???

Well, SISR (Single Image Super-Resolution) works to improve the resolution of an image by attempting to add pixels to images and then averaging the surrounding images to smooth out the blurriness. But often the results are fairly dismal and you are left with a higher resolution but blurry image.
TL;DR: SISR are quite useless

What can I do??

WEEEEEEELLL, as the image up above suggests, LET'S TRY SOME SCIENCE!In facts, Scientists have discovered a (magik) way to turn low-resolution images to super sharp snaps using Artificial Intelligence. The German-based research lab, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have developed a new method for creating high-resolution images from low-resolution originals and the results are quite astonishing.
EnhanceNet-PAT is a neural network that is capable of upsampling a low-resolution image (left) to a high definition version (middle). The result is indistinguishable from the original image (right).

How does it work?



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The results were indeed impressive. The low resolution bird truly came alive! Any idea when this tech will hit the market? Would be too cool to have this for GIMP and Photoshop!
   2yr ago
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