Having trouble getting that dream job you've always wanted?
Feeling left out because you can't afford to go out or buy the news game?
Well do I have the best life hack for you! (Guaranteed not to be a stupid Buzzfeed hack).
Buy a lion! Spend a couple of year training the lion not to kill you or the people around you. Send out countless applications till someone breaks and gives you a job interview.
Make sure to dress for the job and brush your lions fur because first impressions are important. Then just walk in with your lion and boom, you have a job.
I mean come on, who's going to say no to a lion? I know I wouldn't. But hey that's just me. I cant tell you how to live your life.
So anyways thanks for reading. If you like it let me know and if you don't that's okay too. But let me know so I can become better. Or worse depending on the day.
We will have to wait and see!
In the paid content is a picture of something cute and is probably going to make your day better, if you like cute things that is....
He's soooooo cute...



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I like the cartoon better ;-)
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