A slightly unhealthy obsession with what is currently happening in US politics has led me to believe a few things that I dont think most people realize.
The entire Russian collusion story is and always has been a lie to get Trump impeached. This is actually a coup by the bankers/globalist in an attempt to overthrow the currently elected President. It failed miserably. Now everyone knows.
On Thur the new IG report will come out and it will prove Mcabe is a corrupt prosecutor and it will also show very widespread corruption high up in the American government. Things are going to get very weird very fast in the days ahead. I believe we are living through the biggest event since the American Revolution as it looks the globalists are being thrown out across the globe.
Here are some great videos if you would like to know whats going on.
Firstly Jerome Corsi has an excellent show 5 days a week laying everything out.
And if you want to get really deep check out this video explaining whats happening with QAnon and other fascinating info.
I will be posting updated articles because I believe this information needs to get out to everyone. I also do a lot of research on cryptocurrency and believe I have a great idea about what is really happening in the space. I will be adding crypto related information and thoughts on the state of crypto with every article as well.
A quick summary of my crypto thoughts are as follows-
Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and its an excellent time to buy!


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