Huawei’s struggle to survive without software and hardware from American companies is going from bad to worse as the Chinese tech giant is hitting another roadblock in Europe. According to a report, some US-based firms are pressuring partners on the Old Continent to stop doing business with Huawei, including here the selling of goods to the Chinese firm.
A report from WindowsUnited reveals that 3M is one of the companies embracing this approach, as resellers in Germany have recently been told to stop selling their products to Huawei. Known for its adhesive tapes, 3M is a US-based company with a strong brand presence in Europe, so the decision to forbid Huawei to use its goods is likely a major blow. Neither 3M nor Huawei offered an official comment on this alleged ban, but this is nothing the Chinese company hasn’t anticipated. gaminator credits
Chinese parts, the only way to go Huawei said earlier this year that it was fully prepared for the United States government banning it from using American products, and this is one of the reasons it started the development of its own operating system. gametwist generator
According to the executive order signed by President Donald Trump in May, Huawei can no longer use software and hardware produced by American firms, and these include operating systems like Android and Windows. In other words, Huawei’s only option is to rely as much as possible on components produced domestically, and this is what the company is trying to do right now with the operating system. cover fire cheat
In the short term, however, Huawei is already struggling, and the company has recently revised its shipping estimates as it expects a drop to be recorded in the second half of the year. It remains to be seen how this is going to change in the long term, but right now, the bad news for Huawei keep coming not only from the US but also from the rest of the world.


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