An "Accelerating BCH Adoption" Idea for
If I recall correctly, gives away about $.10 in BCH for users that create a wallet using their platform. This giveaway naturally encourages people to create one, which makes it a great tool for increasing adoption in the space. I've taken this idea, and expanded upon it to make it even better.
The idea is to make the giveaway even more appealing by making it fun, while also educating the new user at the same time. The idea is for new users to play a "BCH/Crypto trivia game," and as a reward for getting the correct answers, they receive a small amount of Bitcoin Cash. For instance, say there are 20 questions and for each question the participant gets right, they receive $.05. For every question they get wrong, they receive nothing. With this incentivization model, they will be inclined to research the answers, which in turn will increase their knowledge on the subject - done so in a way that is fun, but also immune from the censorship and bias from the Core crowd. And since the questions and answers will be chosen by BCH-friendly people, they can be tailored to promote other Bitcoin Cash industry/project participants. Examples being:, Blockpress, Joystream, Memo, etc.
It is possible another company or group could effectively launch this initiative, but I think it makes the most sense with them. is already a location where many new users go to, and they have the greatest BCH promoting machine in Roger Ver. The effectiveness of the initiative would work best if he were on board, plus he has the resources to bring the idea to life.
The idea:
  • increases the BCH user base
  • gets new users familiar with the use-cases and companies within the space
  • demonstrates the micropayment capabilities and superiority of Bitcoin Cash
  • teaches BCH's history in a fun, non-biased way
  • provides a welcoming, positive first experience to new users

Possible questions:
  1. What is the title of Bitcoin's whitepaper?
  2. What alias did the creator of Bitcoin use?
  3. On what day was Bitcoin's first block mined?
  4. On what day did Bitcoin Cash fork from the BTC chain?
  5. What was the name of the first developer Satoshi handed the project over to?
  6. What is the name of the BCH micropayment, social-media application that allows content creators to be paid for doing things they love?
  7. What is the name of the eBay-like, decentralized marketplace where merchants and users only transact with cryptocurrencies such as BCH, at no charge to its users.
  8. Which answer sums up the goal of Bitcoin Cash best?
  9. Who sold his entire stake of the cryptocurrency he created at its all-time high on the day Bitcoin Cash launched on Coinbase?
  10. How did Satoshi lay out the scaling plans for Bitcoin?

Going further, after the quiz is complete and the wallet has been created, it would be wise to provide suggestions for places to use and spend their newly acquired Bitcoin Cash. The previously mentioned companies and use-cases, including OpenBazaar, would be great examples.
Hope you like the idea. If you're interested in how the idea originated, it costs $.10 to find out.


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I think this is a good idea but I have read people complaining about the fact that this would reward already knowledgeable people more while the faucet is targetting those who don't know anything yet. I have to agree that it can be frustrating for a newcomer if the answers require a ton of research but I think I have a simple solution that would actually easily improve on your idea.
Just make a video for newcomers that tells them all the right answers to the questions and put the link at the beginning of the game ! You clearly explain that all the answers can be found in the video, which I think is much more exciting than having to search for it yourself when you have no idea where to start. Of course the video will then let you know about many good websites like etc. This could also be in the form of a tutorial where you have to interact with the animations, I remember doing this a few weeks ago but wasn't able to find it.
That way they both get to learn more about BCH without the need for a ton of research yet and can earn free BCH from the faucet.
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Zhell, that's a brilliant addition to the idea. I love it.
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I like OP's point, and Zhell's counter-point; overall I like the idea of incentivizing learning with micropayments and am curious what other applications this might have: in the social media realm, I saw companies for instance offering $5 store credit or coupon for you to like / share / subscribe a certain amount of things.
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