Hello friends of this beautiful community I have been a little distanced from this community because we have not been having a good time neither my family nor I, has occurred in my country the interruption of the electric service due to an "electromagnetic attack" by foreign forces, directed directly from the United States, which has affected all of Venezuela completely without electrical service at least 16 states and mainly in the Andean states such as TACHIRA, MERIDA, TRUJILLO and ZULIA. President Nicolás Maduro blamed the blackout on the United States, stating that it caused an electromagnetic attack, thus affecting the Guayana hydroelectric generation system, where the Guri hydroelectric plant is located, the most important in the country, where at this time even the electric service is not restored normally, cuts of at least 12 to 16 consecutive hours are presented causing that in my home all the food that was in the refrigerators and freezers of my home has deteriorated and damaged: meats, chickens, milk, juices, sauces, sausages, cheeses and all those items that needed refrigeration have been damaged I find myself very sad since with great effort my family and I try to keep the basic and necessary products to feed ourselves and by a foreign attack we must lose all our food. If any of you friends of this community want to support me and help me replace the products damaged and damaged by the cut and failures of the electrical system, my family and I will be eternally grateful to you with each tip. Hopefully, the electric service will return to normal and we can return to normal with my publications in this beautiful community. Greetings and remember, in the face of adversity we must always have a beautiful smile!


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