Yours is great. It is the first thing that gives me hope that micropayments can restore the dignity of journalists in the digital age. Here's my wishlist for Yours.
I make my living as a (German) freelance writer since more than a decade. I never did something else. Most times I was angry about how bad we are paid. It seriously puzzled me how it could happen that the internet eliminated the material middleman between journalists and their readers - the printers and papers - but left the journalists earning less instead of more.
Micropayment for content was one of the reasons I felt in love with Bitcoin. Yours is the first incarnation of this idea, which gives me hope that it will work. That there will be a direct payflow from readers to content-creators, not through a series of middlemen, not through subscriptions, but directly for the work.
Yours is fun. Here is what I love: That I can experiment with several methods to monetize content. That I can access my funds directly with Electron. The interface is nice and clean, but elegant and easy to use. I love the commitment to simplicity, which can be felt in all design-decisions. I also love that Yours works universally, not just text, but also videos or for fundraising.
Everything I write now, does only count for text. I tested Yours, from time to time, for some month. With one article I earned around $80, which was great, but most only earned $10-20. Income is lower and harder to predict when compared with freelancing, including budget publications.
As great as Yours is, there are a lot of areas which could be improved. I have a lot of suggestions or things on my wishlist.
1) Comments. One of my favorite part of Yours is that you can demand payments for comments. I think this should become the main source of income for digital journalism, as news have become more and more a platform for people to spread their opinion. I have always been pity about that reddit monetizes the discussion of other media's content. With Yours, there is the chance that the media regains this territory!
However, there is relatively few comment discussion on Yours, and even less, when there is a fee for comments. Comment experience should be improved. Absulely necessary is to enable answering other comments and get notifications. Without there is no discussion. I think this is also standard in most comment systems.
2) Stats. As a publisher, I need stats. How often has an article been clicked, what's the conversion rate? Without it is up to impossible to use Yours as a plattform for economic self-publishing.
3) Channels. There should be more channels, and you should have the option to create your own channel. Like reddit. Channels can be sorted by popularity (maybe measured in satoshi), and you can subscribe to them. Also you should have the option to publish your articles for several channels. Again, magazines / authors can monetize the discussion of their articles, even when published on other sites.
4) Performance. Sometimes Yours laggs a bit, needs some seconds, to sync the login, loggs out when opening in a new tab, and is in generally a bit slow. Google Speedtest indicates that there is some room to get better.
5) Messages. Why not integrate paid (or unpaid) messages?
6) Downvotes. I know, this is a controversial issue, but I am in favor of Downvotes. Why? Because without it is unfair against "the lukewarm": If you like an article, you give an upvote. If you don't care, you give none. If the article it totally bullshit, you also give none. Having only upvotes doesn't give a mechanism to filter the "average" content from the "bullshit" content. Same goes with comments.
I had the downvotes-discussion already on, where I moderate. We have downvotes. In an ironic episode parts of the IOTA-community left our forum and created their own "without downvotes, because we are more friendly". However, they came back in swarms to mass-downvote on comments I and other IOTA-critiques made. There is a demand for it, let's monetize it.
No paid content. But feel free to tip or pay for a comment.


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Thanks for your thoughts.
Also in favour of 1, and 5 if possible.
3 is also an interesting suggestion. Not sure about 6!
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Down votes opens up censorship, also gives a negative experience.
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I agreed with most of them (I have not experienced the slow performance yet). If constructive downvote, then why not? If someone pay to downvote an article, I would say it has tremendous value for the author and the community.
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