In truth, every Artificial intelligence are pieces of software that runs on a super computer connected to a network.
AI doesn't just simply use equations given by people to perform calculations but instead i can sort huge amount of data on its own, it can also identify relationships between different sets of data
People tend to seek answers why things happen but AI systems scans data and find patterns. AI uses data from the past and use it to predict the future, unlike humans can grasp the equations involved, we can also comprehend the answers.
Us humans' as intelligent as we are now, can't comprehend too much data ourselves, now with technology growing vastly over the coming years help us work on those domains which we are having a hard time and help us know answer inconceivable to us humans.
SingualrityNET aims to create a much sophisticated, yet outstanding AI version which can learn, think, and care for humans. Given narrow AI's can do stuff with much efficiency, how about we lump all those narrow AI to one sentient robot system? this all will be possible through SNET's visions for the future.


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